What to Expect in Summer and Fall 2021

What to Expect
in Fall 2021

LFCC is open and prepared to deliver our full slate of educational opportunities. In this time of many changes, many challenges, and many adjustments, we would like you to know that we have you covered.

How will classes be taught?

This fall we will offer a full schedule of online, hybrid, and face to face classes at all of our locations. For hybrid and face to face classes we will abide by the latest CDC recommendations. We are committed to safely delivering high-value education that helps students move towards their goal. We know you're ready to move forward and we are here to help.

What will online classes be like?

LFCC has been delivering courses online for over 20 years. Your instructors have access to some of the best instructional delivery tools available and have been preparing all year to make your online learning experience great.

There are 3 main course options:

Synchronous online live classes that meet on Zoom on specific days and times, giving you the opportunity to interact with your instructor and classmates. You can attend these classes from anywhere using a computer or mobile device.

Asynchronous online classes that do not have a set meeting time. You will be given weekly assignments and interact on your own schedule using discussion boards and other technologies in Canvas. While your class does not have set meeting times, your instructor is available to meet with you in remote office hours.

Hybrid courses where a portion will be online through Canvas and a portion will be delivered in person on site.

Face to Face classes meet in person. While faculty utilize Canvas for assignments and other components of the class, instructional time will be in person at the college.

What will face to face classes be like?

Face-to-face classes, whether in labs or clinical settings, will look a lot like they have in the past with a few key exceptions. Your instructors will be there to help ensure a safe environment, and most importantly, to lead you through a high-quality learning experience.

How do I know which classes will be in what formats?

With all these different types of classes, our class schedule is more complicated than in the past. If you're thinking about taking courses or have already registered, it is critical to understand the different formats. Classes offered either fully in-person or as hybrid will have a room number listed in the class search, as well as days and times. For online courses, the room will be listed either as “ONLINE Class” if the course is asynchronous online with no set meeting time, or the room will be listed as “TBA” when the course is synchronous online live with a scheduled meeting time. Alternatively, if you look at the section code, “M” refers to in-person courses at the Middletown Campus; “F” refers to in-person courses at the Fauquier Campus; and “P” refers to in-person courses at the Luray-Page County Center. “H” refers to a hybrid format (with M/F/P indicating the site of the in-person portion), and “V” means the course is virtual - either asynchronous online or synchronous online live.

What technologies will I need to be a successful student?

Online courses at LFCC require a significant amount of interaction with Canvas, the Learning Management System, and many require real-time class sessions using the Zoom web-conferencing tool. In order to be successful in online classes, students must have substantial access to a computer with hi-speed internet connectivity.

LFCC has a limited number of loaner laptops available if you do not have the technology tools needed. Computer labs and the library will also be available with wifi to serve students who need stable internet access, or a quiet space to work.

What will student services and learning support services look like?

No matter the format of your classes, all LFCC students have access to the same resources and support services such as advising, tutoring, library services and more. These services are offered in a variety of formats to meet students where they are and delivered in the safest manner possible. All student services are available through zoom or in person. We welcome you to choose how you like to best communicate, chat, zoom, phone or in person. If you need any help reach out at https://lfcc.edu/contact-us/.

What is LFCC doing to reduce our risk of exposure to COVID-19?

There are a number of actions that we have taken in response to the pandemic. A hazard assessment has been performed of our facilities early on and we made a number of changes to how we do business that we expect to carry on for some time. We have modified how we staff our front facing offices, handle room capacities for social distancing and developed a system for how we monitor cases on campus whether its with students, faculty or staff.

You will also see a number of facilities-based changes such as additional hand sanitizing stations, additional hands-free door operators, the use of enhanced cleaning practices, installation of local air filtration equipment throughout our buildings that use a charcoal pre-filter that is supported by a hepa filter under UV lighting technology, and signage that encourages actions we can all take to help reduce the spread. We’ve boosted our HVAC systems and are undertaking a major controls upgrade to give us the highest confidence possible that we are working our air systems to their maximum efficient capacities for increased fresh air and exhaust. We are currently in the process of upgrading our classroom technology to accommodate Hyflex and distance learning with the most up-to-date technology available for an enhanced student/faculty experience.

Additionally, we’ve identified and began to undertake a series of smaller facilities projects for the Fall that will facilitate social distancing such as the installation of our testing center wall to separate the library from the center, installation of transaction windows at high use locations, upgrades to several HVAC systems, moved to cashier-less vending, and others.

Finally, we encourage the use of our “See something say something” bar on the home page of our website for reporting conditions or concerns that you might see that we can address.

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