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COVID-19 FAQs for Military Education Students

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BAH Questions
Will my BAH be affected by the campus I attend?

Yes. The BAH rate is dependent on the zip code of the campus where a student PHYSICALLY takes a majority of his/her classes. To get the BAH rate of the Fauquier campus, you must take equal number or more in-person credits at that campus.

PLEASE NOTE: The campus location for online courses does not determine BAH rates, so online Fauquier classes do not count toward the credits to determine the majority.

“In person” definition by VA= For example, for a 3 credit class, you must be physically sitting in the classroom 150 minutes per week for the class to be “in-person.”

Example 1: A 3-credit undergraduate course requires students to physically attend class once a week for 1-hour. All the rest of the training is conducted online. This would be certified as an in person class.  

Example 2: A 3-credit undergraduate course requires students to meet in class for the 1st day of term and attend all mid-terms and finals in person. All the rest of the training is conducted online. This is an in person class.  

Example 4: A 3-credit undergraduate course allows students to voluntarily attend a course in person 1-hour a week, though the student has the option to take that hour online.  This class can be certified as in person, if you have supporting evidence that the student attended at least 1 of the in-classroom sections. 

Please work with your advisor to see how this is calculated.

How can I ensure that I will receive a full BAH payment?

You will get your full benefit amount if you are enrolled in 12 credits or more on any given day during a Fall or Spring semester, and 7 credits or more during the Summer term. One course must be taken in-person, per VA rules. Hybrid courses do not qualify as in-person.

  • NOTE: If you enroll in 5, 8, or 12 week classes, it could potentially impact your benefit amounts during the semester.
What is the minimum number of credit hours required to receive any BAH?

Students must be enrolled more than 50% of a full time student. For Fall and Spring 15 week term, you must be enrolled in more than 6 credits to receive any eligible BAH. For summer 10 week term, you must be enrolled in at least 4 credits to receive BAH.

How is BAH calculated?

BAH is calculated based on Rate of Pursuit (% of a full time student) for each day of the term and if student is enrolled in at least one in-person course.  If enrollment reduces because a course ends, student rate of pursuit reduces and BAH reduces.  If at any day during the term enrollment drops below 50% rate of pursuit, student will not receive any BAH for that day. 

Here is how it breaks down for a typical Fall/Spring 15 week term:

12 credit hours = 100% of the BAH rate

11 credit hours = 90%

10 credit hours = 80%

9 credit hours = 80%

8 credit hours = 70%

7 credit hours = 60%

6 credit hours = 0%

For more information or calculations, please contact LFCC Veteran Services

Will I get any BAH if I take all of my courses online?

Yes, but at a significantly reduced rate. If the student is not enrolled in at least one in-person course, BAH will reduce to the online BAH rate, which is 50% of the national average for all BAH rates. This is approximately $800.

How can I verify what my enrollment is and my BAH rate?

Contact VA Education Benefits Hotline, 1-888-442-4551

Classes and Program Information Questions
Can I enroll in multiple degrees or certificates?

The VA will only certify you in one program (at a time), and all classes you take need to count towards that program. You may be enrolled in a degree and a certificate at the same time, but only if the certificate requirements are also requirements of the degree.

  • One way to check if all your courses go towards your degree is to log in to your Student Center, and choose “Academic Requirements” from the drop down menu in the Academics section. Then click the arrow button. In the new screen, scroll down and click to expand the blue Unused Courses bar. If any of your current courses are displayed in that section, they are unlikely to be covered by VA.
  • There is one exception to this rule: If you are in your final semester before graduating from your program, VA will allow you to fill in your schedule with any classes you choose. This way, students can still build a full-time schedule even if they only have one class left for their program.
Will VA pay for developmental courses?

Yes, but VA will only pay for MTE and ENF classes if they are taken in person – these may not be taken online.

I want to change my program. What should I do?

If you want to change your degree plan, you must meet with your Veterans Services advisor to complete a LFCC program change form.

How can I be sure that the program I want to study is VA approved?

Contact Veterans Services to verify. Some degrees and certificates are not VA approved.  For the current list, search for Lord Fairfax at VA Weams Institution Search

What happens if I drop or withdraw from a course?

All enrollment changes are reported to the VA. VA does NOT pay for any class that you drop or withdraw after the LFCC designated drop deadline. A reduction in credit hours will cause a book and housing stipend debt to student. If the VA has paid for the dropped course, the VA will require LFCC to return tuition and fees. The student will be responsible for any outstanding tuition and fee debt to LFCC.

  • NOTE: If there was a clear reason you had to drop or withdraw (examples are medical reasons or needing to move for your work), they may decide not to charge you for the payments you received.
What if I stop attending class?

Per LFCC and VA policy, students are expected to attend class. Changes in student status, including enrollment changes, are reported to the VA.

Finance and Payment Questions
Will I receive a book stipend?

Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) and Frye Scholarship  will receive $41.67/credit hour up to $1000/academic year.

Chapter 31 students may charge books at LFCC bookstore with approval from counselor. 

Chapter 35/DEA, Chapter 1606, and Chapter 30 students do not receive a book stipend.

Can I combine VA education benefits with Federal Financial Aid?

Yes. You may use both VA educational benefits and Federal Financial Aid in the same semester. To apply for financial aid, you must complete the FAFSA. Some kinds of military pay and VA benefits do not need to be reported as income on the FAFSA, so many students using VA benefits to support themselves during college do qualify for the Federal Pell Grant. Please be aware that you need to complete the FAFSA every new tax year.

Will VA pay out of state tuition?

No. In-state tuition verification is important because the VA will not pay out of state tuition. See our domicile page for more information.  

When will I receive my VA payment?

You will have to call the VA Education Hotline, 1-888-442-4551 to ask.  LFCC does not have access to any VA payment information.

Will VA pay for non-credit licenses and certifications through the Workforce Solutions department?

Yes, but only certain licenses and certifications are reimbursable. Click here to find out if the one you’re searching for is approved. VA will pay up to $2000 per test. There is no limit to the number of tests you can take and VA will reduce your remaining months of entitlement based on the cost of the test that they reimburse.

Are any scholarships available for Veterans?

Check here for opportunities!

Other Questions
Can my Joint Services Transcript give me college credit?

It’s possible! Please have it sent to LFCC for evaluation using these links:

Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard : https://jst.doded.mil/smart/welcome.do

Air Force: http://www.airuniversity.af.mil/Barnes/CCAF/Display/Article/803247/

The evaluation process may take some time. You will be notified by the Admissions/Records department via email if you are given college credit.

How I ask a question to the VA and receive a response in writing?

Students or any veteran can submit any questions and receive a written response using  ASK A QUESTION.

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