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Active Duty / Reservists

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  • Service obligations are mandatory: four years for Reserves OR two years for Active Duty
  • Eligibility begins one year after completion of Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

Tuition and fees:

  • Federal Tuition Assistance pays up to $4000 per year directly to LFCC
  • Can be used for tuition and fees only

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Additional information for specific VA Programs:

Chapter 33: Post 9/11 – click here for more information directly from the VA website ( on this program, including eligibility requirements, expiration dates, and instructions on how to apply.

Important information about Chapter 33 benefits:


Apply for Chapter 33 benefits here:


Tuition and fees get paid directly to LFCC from the VA – a 100% eligible student does not owe any tuition or fees. If you have partial eligibility, you are required to pay the remaining balance. For example, if you have 80% eligibility, VA would pay 80% and you would pay 20%. You can apply to use financial aid to pay your portion if you wish.

  • You must provide documentation to show your eligibility percentage.


You will get a book stipend of $41.67 per credit hour, up to $1,000 per academic year. This is prorated based on the number of credits you are taking in any given term. This stipend is paid directly to you by the VA. Please note that the amount you receive for your book stipend is not determined by the amount your books actually cost.

Housing Allowance (BAH):

You must be enrolled greater than half time, meaning at least 51% of a full time student, to get a monthly housing stipend. This equates to at least 7 credits for Fall and Spring terms and at least 4 for summer.

    • Your BAH is calculated for each individual day of the term in which you are enrolled. So if you drop or go up in credits from one day to the next, your BAH will change accordingly.
    • You will receive the maximum stipend for each day that you are enrolled full time (12 or more credits for Fall and Spring Terms, 7 for Summer), which includes at least 1 credit as an in-person class. This means that the class must meet in-person 50 mins per week per credit hour. For example, a 1 credit class would need to meet in-person for a minimum of 50 minutes per week and a 3 credit class would need to meet in-person for a minimum of 150 minutes per week.
  •  Please note that your in-person class must be fully in-person, not a hybrid.
  • MTEs and ENF must be taken in person
  • See our FAQs page for more information on BAH

Student responsibilities to LFCC:

VA Certification Request form: You’ll need to complete this form every semester that you want to use your VA benefits.

VA Change of Program form: You’ll need to complete this form if you change your program of study


Chapter 30: Montgomery GI Bill – click here for more information

You may qualify for Chapter 30 if you entered service after 6/30/1985, earned your high school diploma or GED, had an honorable discharge, and served during specific periods of time outlined in the link above.


Chapter 31: Vocational Rehab and Employment Services – click here for more information

Important information about Chapter 31 benefits:

  • You must have a service-related disability rating of at least 10% to qualify
  • You must have your degree or certificate approved by a VA VocRehab counselor, who must give you authorization to enroll to courses.


Apply for Vocational Rehab and Employment Services here:

Tuition, Fees, and Books:

Tuition, fees, and books are paid by the VA directly to LFCC. In order for LFCC Veteran Services to charge the bookstore for your books, you must get an approval form from your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor each semester.

Housing Allowance:

You will receive a monthly stipend based on your enrollment


Spouses and Dependents

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We are limited to serving Veterans and spouses/dependents who are using military education benefits. If you are the child or spouse of a military member but are NOT using Veterans education benefits, please contact the general advising staff for your academic advising needs. Visit their website here.

Chapter 33 TOE (transfer of entitlement) – Click here for more information

  • Parent transfers their Chapter 33 benefits to dependent/spouse while active duty and commits to give additional months of service
  • Only children, (not spouses), are eligible for the monthly stipend or books and supplies stipend while the member is serving on active duty

Chapter 35/DEA (Dependents Educational Assistance) – Click here for more information

  • For Dependents and Spouses – The Vet must have a 100% service disability rating and tuition checks go directly to the student, not LFCC

VMSDEP – Click here for more information

  • Provides education benefits to spouses and children of military service members killed, missing in action, taken prisoner, or who became totally and permanently disabled or at least 90 percent permanently disabled as a result of military service in an armed conflict.
  • Can be used along with chapter 35
  • The Veteran must have lived in VA for last 5 years or have enrolled in military while living in VA
  • Application required
  • Tuition and fees are waived by state of Virginia



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You must have completed basic training before you can apply for state tuition assistance and be a member in good standing.  You are obligated to serve 2 years in the Virginia National Guard upon completion of the last term for which state tuition assistance is paid on your behalf. A new fiscal year (FY) promissory note must be downloaded and printed from the website, signed, and mailed to the education office before your application can be approved. The promissory note is completed only once per FY; but the application needs to be filled out for each semester separately before the deadline date. New state FY begins I July of each year.

Approval amounts will depend on the program budget constraints set forth by the state.

The state database opens about 45 days prior to the deadline date for each semester and it will close promptly at midnight of the deadline date. Make sure you are using Internet Explorer when applying for state tuition assistance. Applications must be turned in every semester before the deadline date. IMPORTANT – LATE APPLICATIONS ARE DISAPPROVED.

The State deadline dates:

  • 1 July- fall semester
  • 1 November – spring semester
  • 1 April – summer semester


Approximately one month after the deadline has passed, all applications will be processed and a roster sent of approved applicants to each school’s student accounting office and to the authorized bookstore. Please ask for the bookstore manager and tell him/her you are in the Virginia National Guard and that you should be on their roster.  They will check it and you can charge text books that pertain to the classes you are taking for that semester only (nothing else can be charged on that account.)  Please do not exceed the maximum amount authorized because we will not pay above this amount.

If classes are dropped after the add/drop date, we will recoup on the class and also for the books. Failed, withdrawn or incomplete courses paid with state funding will be recouped. Grades must be turned in within 30 days after each semester to Ms. Terri Stallings (  If grades are not submitted, any and all state funding can be recouped. Please send grades in a word or .pdf document. DO NOT SEND transcripts in LINKS, E-SCIPTS, or NOTEBOOK – these will not open. Remember if you do not serve the 2 years required after the last term for which we paid tuition and books on your behalf we will recoup.

If you have any flags or your cumulative GPA is below 2.0, you will be disapproved.

You can always check on the status of your application by accessing the website for approval and the approved amount.

Points of Contact:

ESO: 1LT Krystal A. Cenac (

NCOIC: SFC Ernest Yates (

STAP: Ms. Vickie Kegley (

Grades and Recoupment: Ms Terri Stallings (

Student Loan Repayment: SGT Deatrice Crawley (

MGIB: SSG Roger Miller (

Incentives: SSG Joseph Cerak (

Education and Incentives: Phone 434-298-6222


What does LFCC provide for military students?

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  • Dedicated academic advising
  • Assistance in getting military-related federal and state educational benefits 
  • Help selecting classes and navigating LFCC policies
  • Priority enrollment before other LFCC students
  • Free printing
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Evaluation of military transcripts for college credit

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