Third Party Payments

If your employer or another party will be paying for your tuition and fees, the letter of authorization to bill must be received in the Business Office by the tuition deadline. Note the tuition deadline in the semester schedule.

A letter is required each semester.

Special Arrangement Contract

The Code of Virginia states:

Public institutions of higher education may enter into special arrangement contracts with Virginia employers or authorities controlling federal installations or agencies located in Virginia. The special arrangement contracts shall be for the purpose of providing reduced-rate tuition charges for the employees of Virginia employers or federal personnel when the employers or federal authorities are assuming the liability for paying, to the extent permitted by federal law, the tuition for the employees or personnel in question and the employees or personnel are classified by the requirements of this section as out-of-state.[1]

Virginia employers may request a special arrangement contract in order to provide educational assistance to their out-of-state employees at the business contract rate. All requests are handled through the Business Office and executed by the budget and finance director.

Special arrangement contracts are valid for one academic year beginning in the fall and ending in the summer. Each semester, students must provide verification of their employment in the form of a verification memo from their employer. Special arrangement contracts must be renewed on an annual basis in the fall.

Instructions for completing the SAC

NOTE: Special arrangement contracts must be turned in one week before the tuition deadline in order to be processed in time for the upcoming semester.  Special arrangement contracts will be processed within 5 business days of receipt.