Theresa Roberts

LFCC Workforce Solutions Student

The need to better her family’s situation drove Theresa Roberts to Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions. Since then, she’s kept on trucking.

With the help of both the Workforce Credential Grant – which covered two-thirds of the program’s costs – and FANTIC funds, which covered most of the rest, Roberts enrolled in the commercial driver’s license program last fall.

“Before I had even graduated, I already had a job,” she said.

Before taking the CDL course, Roberts had worked in factories, a pizza parlor, a sandwich shop and a power plant. With three children to support with her boyfriend, she decided she needed better job security.

“I needed a skill to make myself irreplaceable in the workforce,” Roberts said. “Truck driving was something that I could go ahead and gain a certified skill, get out and get in the workforce as soon as possible.”

The four-week program led to her hiring by Werner. She spends two weeks on the road traveling, with Chicago, Maine, the Florida line and Birmingham, Ala. as her perimeters, and is then home for two days.

“I’m doing what I need to do to get my family where we need to be,” said Roberts, who enjoys her autonomy. “I love being out on the road. I don’t have a direct boss. I don’t have somebody coming around and checking on me all the time. I have more freedom. I don’t feel as caged doing this job as I did working in a factory.”

Not only are there many different and interesting routes she could get on, Roberts is pleased that her company is on standby for disaster relief.

“That was kind of the last little push I needed,” she said.

Roberts enjoyed her time training at LFCC.

“They taught me everything I needed to know to get my CDL,” she said. “I still call my instructor, Tommy Paul, every once in a while when I have a question. He has always told his classes not to hesitate to call him.

“They’re very supportive during the training, and they’re very supportive after it. General Manager Stephanie Frasure is awesome with job placement.”

The grant funding was essential to Roberts’ career attainment.

“I would’ve been able to do it without it,” she said. “This job has already started pulling us out of the financial hole.”


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