Martin Henderson

Martin Henderson 005Martin Henderson is a 29-year-old student at Lord Fairfax Community College’s (LFCC) Luray-Page County Center. He is graduating this summer with an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Business Administration and transferring to Old Dominion University (ODU) in the fall where he will study accounting.

“I was getting tired of physical labor, and I’ve always had a knack for numbers, so I went back to school in hopes of becoming a certified public account,” said Martin.

Martin began his college career with an on-line English class during the summer of 2014, and he did not stop there. Actually, he has taken all of his classes online with the exception of a Public Speaking Course. He has done all this while working full-time at the VF Wrangler Distribution Center and taking care of a family.

While attending Page County High School, he proclaimed he was just skating by and had no real plans. He was a father by the time he graduated from high school in May 2004 and went straight to work at the Wrangler warehouse.

After 10 years in the workforce, he found himself in Dr. Morgan Phenix’s office at LFCC, garnering a game plan for his renewed academic pursuits. “It wasn’t the first time I had been in Dr. Phenix’s office,” said Martin, “he was my high school principal before becoming the director of LFCC’s Luray-Page Center.”

A normal day for Martin is to have the children at school by 7:45 a.m. and drop off his wife at work. He comes home to do necessary chores around the house and sleeps for three hours. He picks up his wife and children from work and school. They eat an early dinner and he’s off to work for the 6:00 p.m.-4:30 a.m. shift. He does his homework during his breaks at work and during the day, when he can fit it in the schedule.

Upon his transfer to ODU, Martin plans to take on-line classes as well as the distanced learning classes offered through the university at LFCC’s Luray-Page center. He estimates that it will take him a little over two years to get his bachelor’s degree.

Martin lives in Luray, VA with his wife Joyce, son, Aiden, and his daughter Delana.

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