Julia Duke

130502-Julia-DukeJulia Duke of Stephens City, Virginia will soon graduate as a member of the LFCC Class of 2013. She is a proud mother of two children, a college student, and maneuvers two part-time jobs, one of those as a Math tutor at LFCC. She will receive an Associate’s Degree in General Studies and will be pursuing her bachelors in Business Administration at Shenandoah University. 

When she enrolled at LFCC, she had no idea she would become a Math tutor. She was greatly influenced by her Professor of Mathematics, Frank Borleske. With his guidance, Julia found that she had a knack for formulas, facts, and figures. As a Math tutor, Julia tells her fellow students, “Anyone is capable of learning, as long as you have the right attitude.” She reminds them of their usage of mathematics in everyday life. She asks them, “Do you cook, pay bills, or buy at a discount? With this, most answer “yes,” and a different attitude prevails.

Julia’s own words, describe her experience at Lord Fairfax:

While attending LFCC I have learned:

  • If I can survive two semesters of Chemistry… I can probably do anything.
  • Mathematics is black and white, and you can always check your answer.
  • Literature is NEVER black and white, and there is often NO right answer. 
  • History teaches not just dates and people, but hope. From history we can learn from example not to repeat it. And we can find inspiration in history because, no matter how bad things are today, there has always been worse and it seems, somehow, to get better.
  • I have learned that you don’t need to be in a yoga class (yes, I totally took yoga!) to slow down, breathe, and relax.
  • Community college is about more than what books you read and which tests you pass. It’s about the people that you meet, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the person that you yourself have become. 

Julia is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the 2013 All-Virginia Academic Team. She was a recipient of the Glenn Fox VMATYC Mathematics and Computer Science Scholarship and the Alan Fahring Civil War Institute Scholarship Award. 

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