Jacob Borstad

Jacob BorstadSophisticated and bilingual, Jacob Borstad believes getting his registered nursing degree at Lord Fairfax Community College is a healthy decision, from a financial standpoint and from an academic standpoint.

“I’m all about community colleges,” says the South American-raised Borstad. “I think they’re a great route to start your education because you save a lot of money while figuring out your own career path, not to mention I think the faculty have a lot more time for students than they would at a big university where they may have thousands of students.”

He’s a long way away from his beginnings in Argentina where he was born to American missionaries. The family would often visit their home in Wisconsin, but Borstad lived primarily in Argentina until he was 15.

After completing high school in Wisconsin, Borstad attended community college for a year, but was unsure of his future career. He then went to a Bible college in Michigan, attaining an associate degree in biblical studies and meeting his future wife, who was from Winchester.

The couple married in 2015, moving to Virginia. Borstad worked doing construction inspection for a year before enrolling in LFCC in fall 2016. He’s now in his second semester in the nationally-accredited registered nursing program.

“I’ve always been interested in the healthcare field as a whole, but became particularly interested in nursing in the past few years,” Borstad explains. “That’s mostly because nursing is a practical degree that you can take anywhere, and I love interacting with people.”

LFCC’s RN program’s reputation was a big draw for him, and it has a “really good price tag attached to it,” he says.

“I’m excited to be part of a program that sees so many of its graduates hired as nurses by Winchester Medical Center,” Borstad, who traveled with his wife on a long trip to Argentina this past summer, says. “That’s pretty cool.”

He’s already done one clinical rotation at a long-term care facility, and classes are keeping him very busy. So far, his favorite course has been anatomy and physiology with Professor Ramon Selove.

“I really enjoy his personality and how interactive he is,” Borstad, who lives in Berryville, says. “He’s super-animated, fun to listen to and to learn from. Not to mention, he’s a really smart guy.”

And, Borstad is showing some smarts too by choosing his RN path. Not only is nursing a fulfilling and challenging career that is in high-demand, the average salary for an RN in Virginia in May 2016 was $72,180, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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