Franziska (Franzi) Galvin

Written or last revised on May 28, 2008

Franziska (Franzi) Galvin, a Front Royal resident, is attending Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) full time and working toward an associate degree in business administration. She hopes to one day own her own business.

Galvin graduated in 2007 from Warren County High School in Front Royal, in the top 100 students of her class. During her junior year of high school, dual enrollment classes were offered, classes in which students receive both high school and college credit. Galvin said she jumped at the chance, and it was then that she realized she wanted to attend LFCC.

Galvin works full time during the day at BB&T Bank in Front Royal, so it is important to her that classes be available in the evenings – a strong point of the College, she said. She also likes the short distance between Front Royal and LFCC’s Middletown Campus.

Working full time and attending LFCC full time is a challenge, Galvin said, but her perseverance is paying off – she achieved all As and one B in her most recent semester.

“It’s hard, but I did really well last semester,” she said. “I’m patting myself on the back.”

Another challenge Galvin faced when thinking about LFCC was the cost. Coming from a family of four children, she did not want to place a financial burden on her parents, and when she applied for federal student aid, she received nothing.

“I was kind of discouraged when FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) didn’t give me anything,” Galvin said.

But she applied for, and received, a Warren County scholarship through the LFCC Educational Foundation Inc. Scholarship Program. She was also awarded the Alson H. and Margarette Smith Endowed Scholarship through the same program. In addition to her scholarships, she received an LFCC grant, which covered the costs of an entire school year.

“I was ecstatic when I found out that I received help, because the more I received in aid, the less my parents had to supply,” Galvin said.

Galvin said that the financial aid and opportunities she has received at LFCC have motivated her to work hard academically. She appreciates the fact that people have contributed money to scholarship funds with the hope that the recipients will succeed.

A class that Galvin has especially enjoyed at LFCC is public speaking, which she found challenging even though she considers herself an outgoing person.

“It’s different in front of a group of people,” she said, adding that public speaking is a skill that can be useful throughout life.

Galvin is proud to be the first in her family to attend college. Her advice to prospective students, of any age or background, is to go for it.

“There are all kinds of people at LFCC,” she said.

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