Miriam began her instruction at LFCC in August of 2005 and achieved rank as professor of English and English as a Second Language in August of 2008.  In 2012, she was the recipient of the college’s Outstanding Faculty Award and in 2013 the recipient of LFCC’s prestigious College Board Medallion Award.  

During her tenure at LFCC and in addition to the instruction she provides students in the classroom, Miriam has supported and led numerous learning and instruction development initiatives. Most importantly, Miriam has led the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) on critical thinking in exemplary fashion. Through her hard work with faculty colleagues, she has infused critical thinking through the instructional program. More than simply managing the project, Dr. Moore has made connections between academic divisions and projects, and found innovative, creative ways to help students think critically. Miriam publishes a QEP update monthly that captures relevant discussions locally and nationally around critical thinking topics. She has engaged other faculty in discussions about critical thinking in writing by co-leading the Symposium on Thinking and Writing at the College Level held at LFCC for two consecutive years.

In addition to her work on the QEP, Miriam has also supported many initiatives at the VCCS level. Miriam served as LFCC’s developmental English implementation lead. She has presented preliminary results on the Chancellor’s Innovation Grant at the 2011 New Horizon’s Conference, participated in the first Developmental Education Institute, and serves as LFCC’s content representative on the VCCS Developmental English Redesign Curriculum Committee.

Miriam is rigorous in her expectations yet dedicated to the success of her students at all levels. She constantly modifies her own classes, adapting new techniques and activities to enhance student outcomes. She works exceedingly well with other faculty across disciplines and has willingly helped instructors in other areas benefit from her expertise and commitment. She exemplifies the love of learning, the commitment to engaging fellow faculty in thinking critically about what is taught, and a deep commitment to LFCC’s students. 


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