Anne Legge

Written or last revised on Jan. 7, 2009


legge-anneAnne Legge retired from Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) in 2006 after teaching at the College for almost three decades. In recognition of her service and contribution to LFCC, the College Board recently honored Legge with a Professor Emeritus award.

A Winchester resident, Legge joined the College in 1978 as a part-time instructor before accepting a full-time position in 1986. During her career, she taught a wide variety of literature and writing courses. In addition to teaching, she served LFCC as chair of the College Professional Development Committee, further adding to the intellectual and professional growth of the College community.

Upon her retirement, in honor of her years of service, her colleagues established a literary fund through the LFCC Educational Foundation Inc. to benefit the College’s libraries. The Anne Legge Literary Fund augments the library’s budget to purchase literature books to enrich LFCC’s holdings.

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