Maryann Austin

130731-Maryann-AustinMaryann Austin is a Lord Fairfax Community College alumnus from our Fauquier Campus. She was born in New Jersey and currently resides in Winchester, Virginia. She has authored a second book entitled, “In the Land of Cotton,” and will be conducting a book signing on Saturday, August 3rd, at the Winchester Book Gallery.

She took classes in Warrenton over 20 years ago, when the only instructional building on the property was “The Barn.” Her passion has always been in writing and literature and she recalls an assignment given by Professor Glen LaFantasie as truly influential: Produce a written diary of what it was like to be a Negro slave woman before the onset of the Civil War. Another Professor, Paula Lassiter, is remembered for assigning a project to her literature class, whereas Maryann produced journal entries from a mother’s point of view regarding death and chaos during the Bubonic plague outbreak. 

“It was never a matter of writing a book, it was just when,” proclaimed Maryann. Her first book, “Choking Butterflies”, was published in 2012. Soon after, she started on her next book, “In the Land of Cotton” and it was released in May of this year. The latest book is a work of fiction, but historical dates referenced are true to form. The female character takes on the persona of her dead brother and fights as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War.  Where every story seems to have a hero from innocence to maturity, this one has more than a few surprising twists and turns.

 “There are more books to come,” says Maryann. Finding quiet time, while raising two boys is not always easy, but possible as demonstrated by her previous books. She even finds time to quilt and make pysanky eggs (Ukrainian Easter Eggs). To learn more about Maryann, go to her website at

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