Lisa Bromfield

Written or last revised on May 27, 2008

Lisa Bromfield of Stephens City graduated in May 2008 from Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) with a degree in nursing. It has been a long road, she said, but she enjoyed her time at LFCC. She attended the Middletown campus.

Bromfield, 43, a former public school teacher, is married and has a 7-year-old son. Years ago, she received a degree in biology from George Washington University. She has also been a musician for most of her life.

Several years ago, Bromfield decided she wanted to go back to school to pursue a nursing degree. She loves working with and helping people, and she also wanted to help promote health and healing.

LFCC was an ideal choice for Bromfield, who described herself as a nontraditional student because she is older than college students straight out of high school.

“I love the idea of community college,” Bromfield said. “It offers opportunities for people who maybe don’t want to go for a four-year degree or for people looking for a job – LFCC offers a quality way to do that.”

Bromfield said LFCC was also the only financially affordable college option for many students in her classes.

“It’s rough to get out of college and owe tens of thousands of dollars,” she said.

After having graduated from a four-year university, Bromfield said she was not sure what to expect from community college. She was impressed with the quality of the instructors and the thorough coverage of the course material.

“LFCC is a huge asset to the community,” she said.

What Bromfield is most proud of accomplishing at LFCC is her creation of a CD called “Groovin’ in the Hippocampus: Songs to learn Anatomy and Physiology By.” Three years in the making, the project took root when Bromfield wrote a song for a presentation she was required to give in an anatomy and physiology lab.

The CD consists of 14 songs, written by Bromfield and arranged, recorded and produced by her husband, Bill. The titles include “The Brain Song,” “My Oh Myosin” and “Appendicularly Speaking.” Each song contains key concepts and definitions relating to anatomy and physiology. LFCC students and professors alike have praised the CD for its catchy tunes that help listeners absorb the material.

Appropriately, Bromfield said that her favorite subject was anatomy and physiology. Ramon Selove, LFCC associate professor of anatomy and physiology, edited the lyrics and gave advice on which topics students and professors would like covered.

More information about her CD can be found at

Bromfield is currently looking for a job in the nursing field and said that she would like to work in an emergency department. Until her recent graduation, she was busy with class work and completing her CD.

Bromfield’s advice for nursing students is that it is important to get non-nursing classes out of the way, especially for nontraditional students. She also has advice for anyone considering LFCC:

“Anyone who wants to go, or go back, if you can’t handle full-time classes, go part time,” she said. “At least you’ll be on the road toward your goals.”

And, the best part is “Taking classes is invigorating, and it keeps you young!”

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