Aude Aouha

Written or last revised on Sept. 2, 2009

Aude Aouha moved to the United States from the Ivory Coast in West Africa in 2005 to pursue her education, be closer to her family and build a new life. Now 23, Aude is a student at Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC), working to obtain her associate degree.

Aude, who is now a permanent resident of the U.S., said the high-quality instructors at LFCC helped her decide to enroll there. “What I like is the willingness of the LFCC staff members to make a difference in students’ lives to help them succeed,” she said.

In addition to her studies, Aude is employed in the work-study program in LFCC’s Office of Student Success and as a front-desk representative for Dominion Health and Fitness in Front Royal, Va. When she has spare time, she enjoys cooking with her mother, listening to music and spending time with the rest of her family. In fact, Aude credits her family with helping her to achieve her dreams through their unconditional support. She is especially grateful to her mother; Aude said she was instrumental in helping her get to where she is today. “My biggest hero is my mother, because she went through a lot to help me get and be where I am today, and I will always be thankful to her,” she said.

As Aude looks to the future, she says that her education is the most important thing to her. “School matters most to me, because it is going to help me meet the goals I set in my life,” she said. She said she would recommend LFCC to anyone considering college because of its affordability, high quality of instructors and the many educational opportunities it offers. Aude graduated from LFCC in May 2009. An aspiring doctor, she plans to take advantage of LFCC’s guaranteed admissions agreements and transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University.

“My time at LFCC is helping me to meet the goals I have set in order to succeed,” she said.

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