Margie Clark

Written or last revised on Dec. 8, 2008


clark-margieMargie Clark was a single parent who worked full time as a secretary while attending LFCC part time. On her own, she was able to find enough money to take a few classes each semester. Receiving a Foundation scholarship, in her words, “made it easier for me to obtain my college education.”

After she earned her associate of applied science degree in accounting, Clark transferred to a university and plans to work in the accounting field.

She was the first of four children to go to college. But to even get to LFCC, she overcame numerous obstacles.

“I grew up in a family where we did not have much money. When we turned 16 years old, we were required to quit school and go to work to help our family pay the bills,” Clark said. At age 17 she was married, and by age 19 she had a child. After getting divorced, she decided to resume her education by earning her General Educational Development (GED) and then enrolling at LFCC.

Clark maintained a 4.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) while at LFCC. To the Foundation and the donors who made her scholarship possible, she has a simple message: “I offer you my sincere gratitude for allowing me to have the opportunity to create a better life for me and my child.”

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