Liz Rose

Liz Rose

Liz Rose, LFCC Alumni and Resource Development and Mentor Specialist for the Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier

Boys and Girls Clubs of Fauquier resource development and mentor specialist Liz Rose credits LFCC with both helping her gain a career and find her self-confidence.

She graduated with an associate degree in general studies from the Warrenton site in 2013.

“I had always wanted to go to college,” Rose shared.

Having a baby while still in high school led to her putting her goals on hold for the better part of a decade.

Instead of going to college, Rose entered the workforce, spending years as a medical biller. But something was missing.

“I just didn’t really feel fulfilled,” Rose said. “I always wanted to have a higher education. I love learning. I just felt there was something significantly missing in where my life path was.”

As a single mother in her mid-twenties, Rose – who has since married – made the decision to go back to school, signing up for one class in 2010. She was very nervous.

“Every time I walked in a classroom, I felt like I was going to throw up,” Rose admitted.

She was self-conscious, thinking she’d be judged by some of the younger students, and worried about transitioning back into being a student. But, Rose’s decision began paying off.

“Over time, it built my confidence every time I would do well in a class or get feedback from one of my awesome professors,” she said. “Having a professor inspire me in a different way would open up my confidence and just build on that.

“I’m a completely different person because of that experience. I was always a very hard worker, but just [had] no confidence, never believed in myself.”

Rose was impressed by the quality of LFCC’s professors, saying they were on par with those she had at the University of Mary Washington, where she earned a degree in psychology.

“It wasn’t like extended high school like I thought it was going to be,” she said. “I learned so much and it really gave me a great opportunity, and it’s right here in town. It was a really awesome experience.”

Rose still has some involvement with LFCC. Several Workforce Solutions courses in plumbing, electrical and HVAC are taught in space at the Boys and Girls Club.

Her love of LFCC is apparent at home – Rose said her husband still remarks “You love that school.”


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