Emily Bishop

Written or last revised on Sept. 2, 2008


bishop-emilyEmily Bishop, a Winchester resident, received the surprise of a lifetime after enrolling at Virginia Tech (VT) for the fall 2007 semester. Like every other college student, Bishop registered for her classes and paid her tuition. However, unlike other students, Bishop received a check from VT for a full refund. Naturally, she was confused and looked at her online account. That’s when she discovered that she had been awarded the Lifeline Scholarship — a scholarship for which she did not even apply.

After further research, Bishop learned that VT awards six Lifeline Scholarships each year to transfer students with the highest grade point average (GPA) who have completed an associate degree from one of the 23 community colleges in the Virginia Community College System. Five of the scholarships pay for half of tuition for two years at VT, and one scholarship pays for full tuition for two years. Bishop was awarded the full-tuition scholarship. She received the scholarship for the second year by maintaining a 3.6 GPA.

An accounting major at VT, Bishop began her college career at Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) and graduated in May 2007 with an associate degree in business administration.

“The people are what I enjoyed most about LFCC. Everybody is so friendly — the people in the offices when I first arrived at LFCC, the students that I got to know, the professors and the nursing faculty who I worked for while I attended LFCC,” she said.

After taking a few accounting classes at LFCC, Bishop decided to make it her major. One of my greatest personal achievements would have to be choosing a major that I enjoy and sticking with it, she said.

Bishop will graduate from VT in May 2009 and hopes to start an internship that summer. Then in the fall, she will begin working on a master’s degree in accounting at VT. After completing her master’s degree, Bishop plans to obtain her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license and start working at an accounting firm.

“As I look to the future, what matters most to me is that I remain honest in my dealings in the business world, grow in my relationship with God, my family, my friends and the people that I will meet in the future,” Bishop said.

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