testing centers at lfcc

Testing Centers at LFCC

Testing services are provided at the Middletown Campus, Fauquier Campus, and the Luray-Page Center. Please see the “Testing Center Locations and Hours” tab for detailed information. 

The testing centers administer academic departmental exams and assessments for LFCC students and students within the VCCS (Virginia Community College System), VPT Placement and ESL Placement testing, CLEP exams, proctoring for colleges and universities outside the VCCS, various technical and career certifications, and state agency testing.

All tests require a current photo ID. Please see the “Testing Procedures” tab, or contact the Testing Center location you wish to use for more information about testing procedures.

Appointments and Proctor Fees

CURRENTLY ALL TESTING IS BY APPOINTMENT.  To schedule a testing appointment, please contact your preferred campus location. 


VPT Placement Tests and ESL Placement Tests  require appointments. These are self-paced, untimed exams. The average test time is 2.5 hours. Students should plan their arrival to allow enough time for testing and bring a valid photo ID and student ID number.  There are no proctor fees for these exams.

A Note About Virginia Placement Tests

The Virginia Community College System has waived the requirement for placement testing for the foreseeable future. As a result the college is using different processes to provide students with math and English placement.

  • If you are dual-enrolling, please speak with your career coach or the dual-enrollment office about placement measures.
  • If you have graduated high school within the past five years and have an overall high school GPA of 2.7 or greater, you will be able to use your high school GPA for placement.
  • If you have taken the ACT, SAT, or GED within the past five years, you may be able to use your scores for placement.
  • Those who have already taken a college-level English or math course may be eligible for English or math placement waivers.
  • If none of the above apply to you, our direct placement specialist will be in contact with you to determine your math and English placement.


LFCC Course Exams proctored at the Middletown or Fauquier campus do not require appointments. Students should plan their arrival to allow enough time for testing and bring a valid photo ID, student ID number, instructor’s name, course name/number, and exam name. There are no proctor fees for these exams.

Students who wish to complete their course exams at another proctored location must contact their LFCC campus testing center to arrange for alternate proctoring. The alternate location must be improved by the course instructor.  Students should complete this Alternate Proctor Location Student Request Form and email it to the testing center.  Please allow 5 business days for processing.  Students are expected to adhere to the alternate testing location’s policies and procedures.  Proctor fees may apply at any alternate location outside the Virginia Community College System. 

VCCS Course Exams do not require appointments, however students are encouraged to contact the LFCC testing center location where they plan to be proctored to ensure that the test information is available. Students may be required to complete the appropriate forms with their “home” college in order to have the test information delivered to an LFCC testing center. There are no proctor fees for these exams. 

Non-VCCS students (from colleges and universities outside the Virginia Community College System) must complete the necessary paperwork with their “home” college or university to have an exam proctored at our location.  Appointments are required and a $30 per hour proctoring fee will be charged.

ASE, CLEP, Work Keys (Career Readiness Certificate) and VDOT/CCWA testing require appointments. Proctor fees may apply. Please see the “Testing Services” tab for more detailed information about taking these exams at an LFCC location. 

If you require a proctor but do not see your type of exam listed here, please contact the Testing Center directly to inquire about testing at LFCC.

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