Stop-in / Drop-in with Campus Tutors

Students are strongly encouraged to make appointments with campus tutors, but are also reminded that answers to quick questions or help with scheduling appointments is available by visiting the campus or dropping by the “LFCC Zoom Tutoring Room”.

To View Stop-in/Drop-in Availability:

  1. Log into MyLFCC
  2. Open “Navigate Student”
  3. Click “Appointments” from the left hand navigation
  4. Click “Schedule Appointment”
  5. Under “Other Options” – choose “View Drop-In Times”
  6. Choose the subject you would like assistance with from the “Service” drop-down
  7. Select “Find Available Time”
  8. Results will display in one or more links, either Virtual Appontment, Middletown Campus, or Fauquier Campus. Click to see available tutors at each location.
  9. Do not click on “Drop-In”, simply go to the Campus Location or enter the LFCC Zoom Tutoring Room during a time your tutor is available.