Program Outcomes for Practical Nursing Students


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate in Practical Nursing Program at LFCC, the Graduate Nurse will:

  • Provide safe, quality, evidence-based, patient-centered nursing care in a variety of healthcare settings to diverse patient populations across the lifespan.
  • Engage in critical thinking to make patient-centered care decisions.
  • Participate in quality improvement processes to improve patient care.
  • Participate in collaboration and teamwork with members of the interdisciplinary team, the patient, and the patient’s support persons.
  • Use information management principles, techniques, and systems, and patient care technology to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support the decision-making process.
  • Assimilate management, legal, and ethical guidelines in practice as a professional nurse.
  • Promote a culture of caring to provide holistic, compassionate patient care.


5 Year Pass Rates for the Practical Nursing Program

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