LFCC Logo Files

These are the official logo files of Lord Fairfax Community College. 

Consistent and repeated use of the logo and lockups will establish equity and strengthen the visual identity of LFCC. To ensure consistency, however, it is critical that every person who uses the logo and related lockups does so in accordance with the guidelines that follow, regardless of personal preference.

LFCC’s logos are only allowed on official communications, partnerships, and sponsorships. LFCC does not allow use of its marks for projects not affiliated with the college, other than those approved by the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Visual Identity Standards

  • LFCC Visual Identity Standards – Please consult the Visual Identity Standards for the correct guidelines and recommendations on how to properly use the LFCC logo(s). 

Logo File Format Types

  • EPS File – this is a high resolution vector format of the logo. Printing vendors for signs, t-shirts and other items will use this file. It can be enlarged infinitely without losing quality. (Note: You need vector software such as Adobe Illustrator to open and use this type of file.)
  • JPEG – this is a file format that can be used for webpages, Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint) and more.
  • PNG – this file format is the same as the JPEG file with one exception. It has a transparent background and works well with PowerPoint and other MS Office programs.

Please click on a logo below to view the available files for download: