ITP 251 Systems Analysis and Design

 Focuses on application of information technologies (IT) to system life cycle methodology, systems analysis, systems design and system implementation practices. Methodologies related to identification of information requirements, feasibility in the areas of economic, technical and social requirements and related issues are included in course content. Software applications may be used to enhance student skills. Prerequisite: Successful completion of a minimum of 9 IT credit hours. This is intended to be a fourth semester capstone course; as such, proficiency in Internet and network fundamentals, database management and software design is required. Prerequisites: Readiness to enroll in ENG 111. Students must complete any four (4) of the IT core courses (ITN 101, ITN 106, ITP 100, ITD 110, ITD 130, ITE 120) or receive instructor permission prior to enrolling in ITP 251. Lecture 4 hours per week. Generally offered spring.