Technical Skills Inventory

In addition to good time management, self-discipline and motivation, distance learners must be proficient users of technology.  

Following is a list of technology-related skills that are important in the distance environment at LFCC:

  • Working knowledge and understanding of a computer operating system and its associated interface to include: 
    • Launch applications and manage the desktop 
    • Use efficient file management strategies such as creating folders, naming files, and move, delete, rename, copy, and back up files from one folder to another and from one medium to another (e.g. USB flash drive, CD/DVD, etc.) 
    • Access help menus within applications
  • Ability to use MS Word; basic word-processing skills to include creating, editing, printing, and saving a file
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Internet, Internet terminology, the World Wide Web (Web), and proper Netiquette
  • Ability to access and use the Internet including ability to identify, download, and install plug-ins and/or helper applications
  • Web-browsing skills including using menus and toolbars in a Web browser, entering URLs, navigating the Web using hyperlinks, adjusting a Web browser’s security settings, and identifying and downloading appropriate files
  • Working knowledge of the VCCS Student E-mail System including the ability to log in and out of the account, send, receive, and reply to mail, attach and download files, set up a signature for mail, and access previously sent mail
  • Working knowledge of Blackboard course management system including the ability to log in and out of the account, access the course syllabus and faculty contact information, use the Discussion Board including adding attachments to a discussion post, and access/submit assignments using the Assignments feature
  • Ability to perform general research using the online resources and services available through the College’s Learning Resource Center (library), to include information access and retrieval from the library online catalog and magazine and journal article databases
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