Technical Skills Checklist

Most students who have experience browsing the Internet already have the technical skills necessary to succeed in an online course. This checklist can help you make sure. 

Give yourself 1 point for each ‘yes.’ Check your score to the recommendations at the end of the checklist.

  1. Do you have consistent access to a reliable computer and high speed Internet?
  2. Are you familiar with word processing tasks such as cut, copy, paste for text in a document, and using editing features such as the spell checker?
  3. Do you know how to save a file and create a new folder on your computer?
  4. Can you distinguish between a website URL and an email address?
  5. Do you know how to use the ‘Bookmark’ or ‘Favorites’ feature of your browser?
  6. Do you know how to attach a file to an email, and open an incoming email attachment?
  7. Can you save and retrieve files from storage devices such as a USB flash drive or cloud storage area?
  8. Can you download and install web browsers and plug-ins for common software applications such as Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, etc?
  9. Are you familiar with using technology to communicate, such as through online discussion forums, instant messaging, or video conferencing?
  10. Have you activated your MyLFCC account and can access Blackboard and VCCS student Gmail?

How did you do?

If you scored from 8-10: Your technical skills are sufficient to make a Distance Learning course a good choice for you. Check the online syllabus to see if special software programs are required for the course.

If you scored from 5-7: Your familiarity with computer operations and the level of your technical skills may cause you some difficulty with Distance Learning. Check the online syllabus to find out what kind of technical skills will be required to successfully participate in the course.

If you scored 4 or fewer: You should develop your computer and electronic literacy skills to increase your level of participation and success in distance education courses relying on technology.

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