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The Instructional Technology Office (ITO) is dedicated to helping faculty design, develop and implement online and classroom technology that engages students and improves their learning. Our office provides many services and resources that address LFCC’s instructional technology needs.

Where is the ITO?

If you would like to request training for yourself or small group on a topic not listed here, please contact Gannon Nordberg at gnordberg@lfcc.edu.

Blackboard Learn

LFCC uses Blackboard Learn course management system to facilitate online and hybrid courses and enhance face-to-face courses.

Direct link to Blackboard: https://learn.vccs.edu. To log in, use MyLFCC username and password. If you’ve never logged into MyLFCC before, view this help guide.

  • Web Browser Compatibility Checker
  • Faculty Blackboard Set-Up [Doc]
  • Create an Announcement [Doc]
  • Add a Syllabus as PDF [Doc]
  • Google Docs Syllabus on Blackboard [Doc]
  • Add Faculty Contact Info [Doc]
  • Change Course Availability [Doc]
  • Using the Content Editor [Video]
  • Adjusting Dates in Blackboard [Doc]
  • Create a Test Exception [Doc]
  • Create Content: Add Files, Images, Audio, and Video
  • How to Use the Qwickly Tool in Blackboard [Doc] [Video]
  • How to Copy a Blackboard Course [Doc] [Video]
  • How to Use a Discussion Board [Video]
  • Link to an Item on Blackboard [Doc]
  • Embed a YouTube Video on Blackboard [Doc]
  • Using New Box View Inline Grader [Doc]
  • Using the Review Status Option in Blackboard [Doc]
  • Reviewing Assignment Submission Receipts on Blackboard [Doc]
  • Adjust Blackboard Notifications Settings [Doc] [Video]
  • Copy a Blackboard Test Between Courses [Doc] [Video]
  • Send Reminders About Missing Coursework [Doc]
  • Add an Image to Blackboard [Doc]
  • Change the Banner Theme on Blackboard [Doc]
  • How to Quickly Jump from one Blackboard Course to Another [Video]
  • Hide Old Courses on Blackboard [Doc]
  • Adding a Profile Photo to Blackboard [Doc]
  • Remove VCCS College Tabs on Blackboard [Doc]
  • Copy & Paste Text with Blackboard [Doc]
  • Export & Import a Blackboard Course [Doc]
  • Group Blackboard Courses by Term [Doc]
  • Keyboard Accessible Reordering of Items [Doc]
  • How to use Student Preview Mode in Blackboard [Video]
  • Backup the Blackboard Grade Center to Microsoft Excel [Doc] [Video]
  • SaveAssign Overview [Video]
  • Using Grade Reports and Statistics [Doc]


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Blackboard Instructor AppBlackboard Instructor App Icon

The Blackboard Instructor app allows faculty to view course content, stay in touch with students in discussion boards, and participate in virtual class sessions in Blackboard Collaborate. The app is available on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android mobile devices.

Blackboard Educator Field Guide

Take this two-minute quiz to accurately identify your level of Blackboard Learn awareness and receive a comprehensive field guide, tailored to help you develop new skills and address your specific teaching and learning needs.

The Educator Field Guide is a great teaching and learning resource for mastering Blackboard Learn to improve student engagement and success in your courses.

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GoogleGoogle logo

Direct link to VCCS Gmail: http://mail.email.vccs.edu/. To log in, use MyLFCC username and password.


Google Drive


Google Docs Google Slides

Google Sheets Other Google Resources

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Professional Development Workshops

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