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There are multiple ways to prove that you are ready for college-level English and Math. Some new students may be required to take the Placement Test. To see if you are exempt from the Placement Test click here.

English Test:

This test includes a multiple choice reading test and a written essay graded along five domains: organization; focus, development, and support; vocabulary; sentence structure; and mechanics.Based on placement results, students will be placed into college level English; ENF 3 (which requires concurrent enrollment with college level English); ENF 2; ENF 1; or Below the Floor, thereby requiring a different level of remediation to be provided by the College or local Adult Basic Education programs.

Preparing for the Virginia Placement Test – English :

Math Test:

Multiple-choice items in each of mathematics readiness areas test the following:

  • Operations – Mastery of operations and basic concepts with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, algebraic basics and order of operations.

  • Equations – Applying sequences of first degree and linear equations, inequalities, systems of linear equations in one and two variables, and quadratic equations.

  • Expressions, Functions and Graphing – Demonstrating conceptual understanding principles and relationships of exponents, factoring, parabolas, rational expressions and exponents, radicals and functions.

Students are permitted to use the online calculator provided within the test. Students are not permitted to bring their own calculators.

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