Improve Math Results


Here are some materials to help you review material that you will find on the Virginia Placement Test – Math.  The material is arranged by the topics covered in the 10 units of our Developmental Math Program.  You will find a practice test for each of the units.  Take the practice test for each of the units.  If you don’t get at least an 80%, look at the websites listed under each unit.  The websites will provide instruction on those topics.  Some of the websites even have some problems for you to solve. 

The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) also has a website that you may find helpful. Go to: This website is a work in progress. Right now you will find materials to prepare you for Unit 0, Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3.  

Unit 0 – Operations with Whole Numbers

Unit 1 – Operations with Positive Fractions

Unit 2 – Operations with Positive Decimals and Percents

Unit 3 – Algebra Basics

Unit 4 – First Degree Equations and Inequalities in One Variable

Unit 5 – Linear Equations, Inequalities and System of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Unit 6 – Exponents, Factoring and Polynomial Equations

Unit 7 – Rational Expressions and Equations

Unit 8 – Rational Exponents and Radicals

Unit 9 – Functions, Quadratic Equations, and Parabolas


Are You Ready For Your Math Placement Test?

The following set of videos will help incoming students prepare for their math placement test here at LFCC. Each short video offers answers to the most common questions, prepares the student for what to expect while taking the math placement test as well as offers test taking tips and strategies to reduce test anxiety in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

Are You Ready For Your Upcoming Math Course?

The following PowerPoint slides will serve as a study aid to prepare students for their upcoming math courses. Each PowerPoint displays 10 questions that you as a student are expected to know before entering into your coursework. In the near future more PowerPoint slides will be added for other courses.

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