Improve English Results


Study Path 1 – BSK 41 – Language Arts

A  1-credit course offered each semester

On campus class

Take this class if you need  instructor interaction to get motivated!

The course offers a review of basic grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, reading comprehension ,and critical thinking skills

Study Path 2 – Courses through LFCC Workforce

Ed2Go Writing Essentials
Ed2Go LSAT Prep Part 2-Reading 2

Online courses
Take these 2 classes if you feel comfortable working online with an instructor!

Each course runs for six weeks
$105 per course

See below for dates and times:


Study Path 3 – Self-Paced Independent Study Modules for Writing and Reading Comprehension Online

Take this class if you are self-motivated and can work on your own!

LFCC created 3 learning modules on the basics of college essay writing, grammar help, and reading comprehension.  These modules are self-paced for students who want to do independent study: Free!

 Coming soon.

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