Student Recognition Ceremony and Commencement

Student Recognition Ceremony

Recognizes high school students who have earned a college credential concurrent with high school graduation. 


Slacks, pants, suit pants, Dockers, dressy capris, dress pants, nice looking shorts or jeans, skirts, dresses, skirted suit, blouses, jackets, long or short sleeve dress or golf-type shirts, suit or sport jackets. 

If you cannot attend the ceremony your medallion will be given to your high school career coach.  If you are a home school student please contact Heather Burton at (540) 868-7201 or [email protected] to make arrangements to pick up at LFCC’s Middletown campus. 

Lord Fairfax Community College Middletown Campus Map

LFCC Commencement

Steps to Prepare for Commencement

In order to officially graduate from LFCC and receive an Associate Degree or Certificate students must ensure the following:

  1. Successful completion of all courses and credit hours required for their credential.
  2. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.
  3. All financial obligations to the College have been resolved and all library books have been returned.
  4. Completion of the on-line Graduate Survey which will be sent to your VCCS email account.
  5. If you are using any AP scores for completion of your credential you must notify the Admissions and Records Office by completing the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request formPlease attach a copy of your AP scores to the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form that is either sent in or brought to the LFCC Admissions and Records Office.

Students graduating with an Associate’s Degree must also:

  1. Take two (2) Exit Exams which are available in the testing centers.
  2. Certificates and Degrees will be ready approximately 8 weeks after Commencement. Students can either pick up their credential at the Middletown campus or request that it be sent by mail.

Students need to monitor their VCCS student e-mail account for information regarding Commencement Ceremonies, Commencement Photos and important information for students, guests, and visitors.


Ceremony begins promptly at 1 p.m. (Students should arrive by 11:30 a.m.)
Skyline High School
151 Skyline Vista Dr., Front Royal, VA 22630

All graduates must wear academic apparel as designated by the American Council of Education. Academic apparel consists of a cap, gown, tassel, governor’s scholar medallion and/or Pre-Allied Health pin and honor cord (awarded to students with a 3.2 GPA or higher).

Academic apparel may be purchased from the bookstores. Academic apparel must be purchased prior to the day of graduation. The bookstores are closed during graduation.

PTK members may purchase a stole and tassel from the PTK website at:


The following is an example of the attire that is appropriate to wear with the academic apparel:

  • Men: solid color dress shirts, dark neckties, dark trousers, black shoes, and socks.
  • Women: skirts, dresses, or pant suits with comfortable dress shoes.

The following should not be worn:

  • Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, flip flops, costume jewelry, corsages, and political symbols.

Locations and Times

Commencement will be held in the gymnasium of Skyline High School in Warren County. Guests should enter the doors at the front of the school closest to the cafeteria. Graduates need to arrive by 11:30 a.m., and guests should plan to be in their seats by 12:30 p.m. Please leave ample time to park and walk to the building traffic does back up considerably each year and it takes time to walk to the school from the parking lot. Parking is also limited so carpooling is encouraged.

Commencement Tickets

Seating will be limited and each guest will require a ticket to enter the ceremony. Each graduate will be issued 6 tickets for family and friends to attend Commencement. Guests not seated by the start of the ceremony will be admitted, space permitting, after the graduates have taken their seats.

Additional Seating

Additional seats to view a closed-circuit broadcast of the event will be available in the school’s auditorium on a first-come basis.

Potential Changes to the Ceremony

Should there be any changes to the ceremony the LFCC Alert will be used to notify graduates. If you are not already enrolled in the LFCC Alert system, please take a moment to do so now by visiting

Photographs from the Student Recognition Ceremony and Commencement

Photographs taken from the Student Recognition Ceremonies will be posted here once they are available.

To purchase photographs from the Commencement Ceremony visit after commencement.  All proceeds benefit the LFCC Educational Foundation.

Commencement Ceremony Etiquette

Commencement at Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) is the pinnacle of the academic year. It is a joyful and dignified event that honors the accomplishments of many students.

All participants attending the ceremony are asked to follow the prescribed etiquette:

  • Please be on time for all graduation events. Students who arrive after the commencement procession has begun will not be allowed to march.
  • Cell phones and related electronic equipment should be turned off to ensure that all guests can hear and enjoy the commencement activities.
  • Children should be seated with a responsible adult. All guests are asked to limit their movement during the ceremony, as going in and out of the ceremony is distracting to everyone.
  • Commencement begins with the academic procession. The audience is asked to rise as the procession enters and remain standing until the platform party has taken its place and the Invocation has concluded.
  • Please remain silent during the awarding of diplomas. Please express your excitement in ways that will not prevent others from hearing the speaker and enjoying the ceremony.
  • Commencement closes with the recessional of graduates, faculty, and platform party. Guests are asked to rise and remain at their seats until the graduates have left the gymnasium.

Special Accommodations

Please email Nellie Manning at [email protected] or call 540-868-7135 if you or your guest(s) require special accommodations. We encourage guests with mobility or health issues to come early. If guests require a wheelchair or other specialized equipment, please have them bring it with them.

Skyline High School Parking Map – Commencement

DE Commencement Parking

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