MYLFCC for Dual Enrollment

Follow these instructions to create a log-in to the Student Information System (SIS).

  1. Click LOGIN TO MY LFCC (also located in the upper right corner of the home page).
  2. If you are logging in for the first time, click on “Look up your username and set your password.”
  3. Please put First Name and Last Name.  Use your legal name that you put on your application – no nicknames.
  4. Please put your birth date using six digits.  For example, enter 042786 for April 27, 1986.
  5. Key in your Social Security Number using no hyphens or spaces.  For example, 222222222.  (If you did not enter your Social Security Number on your LFCC application you will need to call admissions at 540-868-7110 or you will not be able to get into SIS).
  6. Click on SEARCH.
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen to create a password and security question.
  8. The next screen should give you your Username and EMPLID (student ID number).  Print this page and write the password you just created on it.
  9. Keep this information in a safe place – you will need it whenever you log into the system (passwords expire periodically). 
  10. If you’ve logged in before, but have forgotten your username or password, you may click on “Look up your username” or “Reset your password” from the Login Screen. 
  11. Dual-enrolled high school students are NOT permitted to register for classes online.
    1. Appropriate signatures, including the high school principal, director of counseling or lead counselor, are required on all Dual Enrollment registration forms to ensures students are meeting graduation requirements (if applicable).
    2. As you get ready to graduate from high school, click the Senior Checklist for instructions on your next steps.
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