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  • Students should create a portfolio (book, binder or folder with a collection of printed academic papers) that include the following items from each Dual Enrollment (DE) class they have taken: 
    • LFCC application.
    • LFCC acceptance letter – LFCC does not provide a 2nd copy of this letter and you may need this when applying to four year schools.
    • Class syllabus
      • A syllabus is used to determine class equivalents at a four-year school.  This is especially important for students going to school outside the state of Virginia.
      • The course syllabus is a contract between the instructor and the students.
      • A course syllabus typically contains: professor contact information, student learning outcomes, textbooks/materials/media required for the class, attendance and course requirements, assignments, grading and evaluation, academic honesty and disability accommodations policies, student code of conduct and course calendar.
      • Students will be notified if their syllabus is revised.
  • LFCC un-official transcript
  • Samples of students own classwork.  These items will be needed to determine placement.
  • If you are a Dual Enrollment student you have a college transcript.  You are required to submit your LFCC college transcript to any 4-yr school when applying for admission.


  • Dual Enrollment (DE) classes are college classes (courses)
  • College courses become part of your permanent college transcript. 
  • College courses are much harder than high school classes.
  • Students must commit to the work and get a grade of C or above in order for the course(s) to transfer.
  • Four-year schools look closely at the DE classes taken to determine if a student is ready for additional college.
  • College course require participation in classroom discussions/activities and will count as part of the class grade.
  • Students should pay close attention to the drop/withdraw dates and avoid grades of D or F on their college transcripts.
    • Drop – class is no longer reflected on a student’s transcript and a full refund of payment is received.  Must be done by the drop date deadline.
    • Withdraw – class is reflected as a “W” on a student’s transcript and no refund is given.  Please click here for the withdraw policy.
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