• Attending each class is imperative for college success. 
  • Students lose points for not attending class.
  • Professors establish their own attendance policies and each policy must be followed precisely. 
  • Missing too many days from class could result in failure based upon the instructor’s attendance policy.
    • High School functions such as prom or sports activities are not excused absences from College courses.
  • If you need to drop a class for attendance reasons, students must first see their teacher and make sure the guidance department and LFCC High School Outreach Office is contacted to ensure you are dropped from the class.


  • Students should pay close attention to the drop/withdraw dates to avoid poor grades on their college transcripts.
    • Drop – class is no longer reflected on your transcript and a full payment refund is received.  Must be done by the drop date deadline.
    • Withdraw – please click here for the withdraw policy.
    • Students are strongly encouraged to drop/withdraw from a course if it is likely that they will earn a D or F. A grade of D will not transfer to another college. Grades on transcripts are permanent; they can never be deleted. If a student receives an F in a course and retakes it, both grades will show on the transcript.
    • A drop/withdrawal date is established each semester. That date is different for courses being taught in the high school and courses taught on campus. The date is communicated to the high school counselors and all dual-enrolled students. You may also consult the college’s calendar.
    • Before dropping/withdrawing from a course, speak to the instructor to ensure that a drop/withdraw is warranted. Once you withdraw, verify it by logging into MY LFCC and viewing your unofficial transcript. It should show a W. If this goes neglected, it could result in an F on your permanent transcript.
    • Students cannot rely on a verbal statement as evidence of drop/withdrawal.
      • Courses taught at the high school: The College requires an e-mail from the high school counselor to withdraw students from courses and a completed drop/withdrawal form.
      • Courses taught at LFCC: The LFCC Add/Drop Form must be signed by the student and instructor and becomes effective the date the withdrawal form is received in the Admissions and Records Office.
      • If you drop/withdraw from a class and fail to notify your high school counselor this may impact your high school graduation.
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