Scholarships Available at Lord Fairfax Community College

The Lord Fairfax Community College Educational Foundation Inc. is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to generate support and resources for the College beyond those provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Since state funding continues to decrease, the Foundation strives to provide sufficient support for maintaining high quality, state-of-the-art educational opportunities for area residents.

The College prides itself on being able to provide a high-quality education to students at an economical cost. Although tuition is economical, it is still costly for some.

Nearly three-fourths of LFCC students are non-traditional students who also work full- or part-time jobs. Many are single parents and displaced homemakers who require training. Many are returning to college after several years or are first-generation college students. The College’s scholarship program was created in order to reduce the financial burden of rising tuition rates for these individuals. To continue offering programs and quality instruction to those facing economic challenges, the College must continue to receive funds for scholarships.

Many deserving individuals want to be contributing members of our community and the local economy but cannot afford the education they need to do so. With the help of a strong scholarship program, these individuals can reach their goal of earning a college degree.

Thanks to our generous donors, following is the list of scholarships for which current and future LFCC students can apply.

Individuals and organizations who wish to establish or contribute to a scholarship fund should visit the Foundation Web site.

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