Scholarships and Award Criteria

Through the generosity of individuals and organizations, a number of scholarships have been established at LFCC to recognize outstanding performance or to assist students in pursuing a quality education. Scholarships are awarded to assist with the costs of tuition, fees and/or books while attending LFCC.

All scholarship recipients are required to complete a Scholarship Acceptance Form and submit a thank-you letter to the LFCC Financial Aid Department. Scholarship applicants who do not submit the form and thank-you letter will not receive a scholarship. Letters may be handwritten or typed but must be professional in appearance and signed. Letters should be addressed “Dear Scholarship Donor.” Please do not include your personal address on your letter. Recipients who provide unacceptable letters will be asked to re-write them.

Satisfactory academic progress must be maintained in order for scholarship recipients to receive the award for the following semester. Any unused funds remaining at the end of each semester will remain in the Foundation’s scholarship fund. No refunds or monies will be paid directly to the student recipient. If students do not register for classes during the semester the scholarship is awarded, the scholarship funds will be re-issued to other students.

Scholarship recipients who withdraw from the College are required to return remaining scholarship funds. Students who withdraw from the College and do not repay scholarship funds received will not be able to register for courses or request transcripts.

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