Federal regulations require that a student receiving federal financial aid make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in accordance with the standards set by the College and the federal government. These limitations include all terms of enrollment, whether or not aid was awarded or received and also applies to state aid. 

Progress is measured throughout the academic program by the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA Rule) and by credits earned as a percentage of those attempted (67% Rule).  In addition, students must complete their programs of study before attempting 150% of the credits required to complete the program.

The College Financial Aid Office will evaluate SAP before aid is awarded and after grades are posted for every term, starting with their first term of enrollment.

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• Financial Aid Student Statuses

• Understanding the SAP Rules

150% Rule- This determination is not based on grades but credits completed versus required. The calculation also includes transfer credits and any completed credits for a previous degrees or certificate. Developmental and ESL course work are excluded in this calculation. Whether or not the student received financial aid for those terms is of no consequence. Please Note: Students that have already completed 2 degrees at LFCC are not eligible for aid, even if aid was not used for those degrees. Appeals will be denied.

67% Rule- This determination is based off all the credits ever attempted at LFCC, not just the current semester. A student must successfully complete at least 67% of all credits attempted at LFCC. A successfully completed course is one where a grade of A, B, C, D, or S is earned. Unsuccessful grades include F, I, R, U, or W.

GPA Rule- This determination is based off of your cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), not just the current semester. There is a GPA requirement based on credits attempted, see the chart below.

NOTE: Some career studies certificate programs are ineligible for student financial aid, but those credits will be counted toward all SAP requirements (Grade Point Average (GPA), Completion Rate, Maximum Timeframe, and Developmental Maximum) if the student later enrolls in an eligible program.

• Steps to Appeal Your SAP Status


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