Estimated Refund Dates

For Spring 2021

3/24–We were notified that there was an issue with the file sent to TMS to process the refunds. They estimate refunds being posted by April 2nd. Thank you for your patience!
Type of Aid Week Processing Begins Week Refund Received
Regular Loan Borrowers February 22 March 8
First Time/One Semester Borrowers* 1st 30 Days  February 22 March 8
2nd 30 Days March 22 April 5
Grants & Scholarships March 8 March 29
*Our default rate for student loans is over 15%, so your loan(s) will be disbursed in two installments with a 30 day delay for each disbursement.

Keep in Mind:

  • Students taking only late starting classes (second 8-week and/or second or third 5-week) will have a notice on their To Do List about a delayed refund.
  • During the Week Processing Begins, your award(s) may not be visible, which likely means the Business Office is processing them. Award(s) will again show on your account once the process is finished as well as the amount of the refund.
  • Any refund you are due will be processed based on your Refund Preference.

As always, be checking your student e-mail account, Message Center, and To Do List for updates from the Financial Aid Office.

Please call 540-868-7130 or email [email protected] with any questions.

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