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Appalachian Literature – ENG 278 – Summer 2018

Appalachian Literature – ENG 278 – Summer 2018

Where Is Appalachia? Who Are Appalachia’s Writers? Are Appalachian Writers Different from the Rest? Explore Appalachia’s literature this summer as Professor Brent L. Kendrick leads you on a captivating journey through the region’s rich and diverse literary heritage. Enjoy Fiction and Nonfiction; Poetry and Drama. 


Appalachian Literature is  being offered as an Open Educational Resource (OER) class using freely accessible, openly licensed text, media, and other digital assets: class materials total cost is zero. 


At LFCC, Appalachian Literature can be used as an elective, and it is also transfer friendly.  


Enroll today:

ENG 278-100M 

Class Number: 20712

Middletown Campus, M/W 9:00-11:05am


For more information, contact Professor Kendrick: bkendrick@lfcc.edu.

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