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Information Systems Technology

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Alecia Tutt

Alecia Tutt says LFCC's online offerings allowed her to take care of her baby and go back to school. Her professor alerted her to a paid internship at Winchester Medical Center, which could lead to a permanent job after graduation. ...Continue Reading
Information Systems Technology (299)
Associate of Applied Science Degree
2 Years (4 Full-Time Semesters)

For more information on Computer and Information Technology, visit the Information Technology website.

The information systems technology degree is designed for students who seek employment or professional development in information technology. Students can focus in specific areas of the IT field by completing one or more career studies certificates. The courses that make up the career studies certificate(s) can be applied as the approved IT electives in the IST degree program.

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Tuition and Funding Options

Tuition rates for this program are approximately one-third the cost of attending a four-year college or university in Virginia. Compare savings now!

An estimated $15.2 million dollars in grants, loans, work-study and scholarships are awarded to Lord Fairfax Community College students each year. We are committed to using all available funds to help you gain access to a college education.  

Payment plans are offered to break down tuition payments.

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Student Testimonials

“A huge part of what I do today has to be credited to LFCC’s IT program.  Working in the IT industry, is something I’ve wanted to do ever since I came to the United States 15 years ago.  The LFCC IT program has had a huge impact in my career.”

“It is solely due to my education studying IT that this job was even possibly attainable for me.  I had a firm understanding of how the process should work due to the classes I took. Of course the database class came in handy. The systems analysis class was another big one for my current job.  The choice I made to go back to school has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier that it was LFCC as I have had such a great experience there.”

“I found the job listing in the IST Curriculum job opportunities posting and I would like to thank LFCC for providing me with the resources to achieve my goals and push me to another step closer to my dreams.”

“After I graduated, I was selected by [the company I now work for] as their IT/network tech. I was fortunate to be picked from a list of 300 other candidates. I loved my IT classes.  I can say that LFCC opened the gate for my dream job. Without my education and without you the teachers at LFCC, I would not be able today to “play” with fiber optics, networks, servers, etc.”

“I am in my second week and am loving the job and applying the knowledge I received from LFCC. Our Network Operations Supervisor, Systems Analyst, and Network Support Technician in this IT department also graduated from LFCC in the last 10 years.”

“I am entering my second year at LFCC, majoring in Information Systems Technology with a Cyber Security Certificate.  I am working with the PC Specialist Team at Winchester Medical Center as a paid intern in the Information Systems Department. Thank you so much!” …. UPDATED … I have enjoyed interning at WMC. Two months ago, I was hired as an employee and am now a PC Specialist here. Very excited about that. Thank you so much for always sending job opportunities to us!”

“I am emailing you to express my gratitude and appreciation to Lord Fairfax Community College and all of its staff. I am truly blessed to be given the opportunity to go back to school.

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LFCC subscribes to EMSI and provides this link for general career information. Emsi's products and services use data, reports, and forecasts which are generated using government data sources and proprietary analytical processes.

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