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Mountain View Christian Academy Presentation LFCC cybersecurity students visit Mountain View Christian Academy, a private K-12 school, to aid in awareness of general good security: passwords, use of internet and email appropriately, explaining http vs https, possible legal repercussion, shoulder surfing, screen savers, etc. When talking to older students the cybersecurity program at LFCC and the job market trends were also discussed.



LFCC hosted a full-day of cyber security activities on June 15th for Winchester City Public School’s Cyber Camp participants. Dr. Henry Coffman will lead activities such as Team Steganography and Forensics challenges, Virtual Machine installation & defenses, and National Day of Cyber activities. Dr. Coffman also hosted a half day camp for Luray/Page County Schools.

To promote cyber awareness, Dr. Coffman displayed the Norse malldisplay2016Attack Map at the Apple Blossom Mall in Winchester, V. This display also includes details about the cybersecurity program at LFCC.

Free cybersecurity education for students, parents, organizations, and instructors. The NSA Day of Cyber is an online experience that allows students to walk through “a day in the life of” different job roles in Cyber at NSA. Teachers can have your students participate on their own time or during class. More detailed information can be found at

LFCC Cyber Advocates club sponsors the World Cubing Associations’ Rally in the Valley 2017 September 1 & Spetember 2. See the flyer for more details.


  1. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month – Video
  2. Dr. Henry Coffman, the head of the Cybersecurity Career Studies Certificate Program at Lord Fairfax Community College of which he cites his qualifications and experience in the discipline: Video / Transcript
  3. LFCC Information Security Officer, Doug Shrier, reviews his many certifications and the necessary measures he takes to ensure the security of privacy data at Lord Fairfax Community College: Video / Transcript
  4. Cyber Security. Evolved. – Video
  5. Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online – Video

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