Payment Information

Fall 2016 

Fall tuition is now past due. If you still have an outstanding balance for 16 Fall, please make the payment on or before October 05, 2016.

Fall 2016 tuition and fees must be paid on Wednesday, October 05, 2016.
To avoid enrollment interruption, tuition and fee payments for early registration may be made online or at the Business Office. Students whose enrollment is interrupted, due to non-payment by deadline, may not be able to register for the next semester. Payment will be due at the time of enrollment for any open and late registration.

Summer 2016 tuition is now past due. If for some reason, the tuition and fees have not been paid, please contact the business office at 540-869-0779.

Registration/enrollment is complete only when tuition has been paid.

Pay Tuition – Before deadline listed on the LFCC Homepage or your registration may be interrupted :

  • Confirm your financial aid (check online or the Financial Aid Office)
  • Pay online or in person (see more details below)

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