Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a student parking permit to park?

Parking decals are required and are available from Campus Police and Security. A form with vehicle information and contact information will be required when a parking permit is issued.

Can I write a check for both tuition and books?

No. The bookstore is a separate company from LFCC.

Are there fees for processing transcripts?

No. The Business Office does, however, require payment of overnight mailing costs when students request such delivery service.

Why did I get dropped from my classes?

Students may be dropped for several reasons.

Student class registration is not complete until the tuition payment is processed in full. If it is not paid by the tuition deadline, classes may be dropped and the student will be responsible for re-registering. Deadlines for payment are listed in the semester class schedule.

Frequently, financial aid awards have not been posted causing classes to be dropped.

The Business Office was not notified that a company is paying the tuition. The Business Office must be notified so they may bill the company.

I received an invoice and my account is showing a balance due but I have Financial Aid. Why is this happening?

Most likely financial aid has not been dispersed into your student account which does not occur until several weeks after the add/drop period is completed. Please check your SIS account to ensure that you have financial aid under “view financial aid.”

When should I receive my refund?

Refunds are processed after the add/drop period is completed. Payments made over the Web are refunded to the credit card that was used. All other refunds are processed through the State Treasurer’s office. It usually takes two to three weeks after the add/drop deadline for checks to be mailed.

I made tuition payments through the TMS payment plan, but then I dropped all or some of my classes. will I get a refund?

Refunds will be processed as per dates determined by Tuition Management System (TMS).

How do I cancel or change my TMS payment plan?

Students should call TMS at 800-337-0291 to cancel or change their payment plan.

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