New Student Welcome Week


New Student Panel

How can I get involved at LFCC? What does a typical day look like at LFCC? What does being a student look like in 2020? Those questions and so many more are answered in this panel featuring current LFCC students.


“Ask the Faculty” General Q&A Panel

Learn about LFCC through the eyes of its educators! Get insight into classroom expectations, what it looks like being an LFCC students from a faculty perspective and much more…


Welcome Back Panel w/ LFCC Administration

Questions and concerns about the changes we’ve made at LFCC this semester? All of these questions, and more, are answered at this special welcome back panel featuring some of LFCC’s administrators:

  • Anne Davis, Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs
  • Chris Coutts, Provost & Vice President, Communication & Planning
  • Amber Foltz, Dean of Students


Curbside Pickups

New Student Welcome Curbside Pickups

Monday, August 17 @ 10am-1pm
Tuesday, August 18 @ 2pm-5pm
Wednesday, August 19 @ 9am-12pm
Thursday, August 20 @ 4pm-7pm
Friday, August 21 @ 9am-11am

Middletown Campus: Fairfax Hall, drop-off loop
Fauquier Campus: Wolk Hall, drop-off loop
Luray-Page County Center: Front Walk

Pick up some free LFCC swag and important information to get you started on your LFCC journey! We are practicing social and physical distancing so we ask that you remain in your vehicles when you arrive on-campus.


Learn about LFCC’s pathways and programs from faculty

Science and Agriculture

Learn more about this Pathway:


Health Professions

Learn more about this Pathway:



Learn more about this Pathway:



Learn more about this Pathway:


Humanities and Arts

Learn more about this Pathway:



Learn more about this Pathway:


Social Sciences and Human Behavior

Learn more about this Pathway:


Recreation and Wellness

Learn more about this Pathway:


Transfer Planning for General Studies Students

Learn more about this Pathway:


Health Information Management (HIM)

Learn more about this Pathway:


Computer and Information Technology

Learn more about this Pathway:


Administration of Justice, Forensic Science, and Law

Learn more about this Pathway:

Undecided Students

Learn more about this Pathway:


Parents & Supporters

Parents & Supporters Session

A special session just for parents and supporters to ask questions, learn more about LFCC and its resources, and give you a glimpse at the 2020-2021 academic year as we continue to practice social and physical distancing in a mostly-online fall semester. You can utilize the chat or video feature to ask questions and participate with our panelists: 

  • Kim Blosser, College President
  • Chris Coutts, Fauquier Campus Provost
  • Amber Foltz, Dean of Students
  • Brian Higgins, Police Officer
Resource Chats

Campus Safety

Learn about See Something, Say Something, the role of LFCC’s Police Department, LFCC Alert, and Campus Safety.



Student Support

LFCC offers many resources for our students! Featuring members of LFCC’s WeCare committee and Student Support Team.


Online Learning

Especially today, online learning has become essential. This session looks at:

  • Zoom basics (feedback, polling, breakout rooms)
  • Canvas basics (navigation, logging in, help/support)
  • Canvas tutorial
  • eLearnReady online readiness tool

Check out this great Instructional Technology Resources for Students guide:



Academic Accommodations

This session will look at academic accommodations offered through the Office of Disability Services. Questions? Just ask Vivi!


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