Coming Up This Semester…

September 6- Kayaking Excursion- departing campus at noon, email rec@lfcc.edu to sign up

September 26- Rock Climbing Wall hosted at the Fall Picnic

October 4- 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament- register your team TODAY by visiting imleagues.com/lfcc, registration closes Sept. 27

November 16- Aerial Yoga- departing campus at 1 p.m., email rec@lfcc.edu to sign up

Keep an eye out for more fun events this semester!

Join the Pride! rec@lfcc.edu


Intramural & Recreational Sports @ LFCC Fauquier
This Semester…

October 2-12: Intramural Ping Pong Tournament.
16 opponents. 8 days. 1 winner. 
Spectators are welcome at the Arena-Style Ping Pong Tournament hosted in the Rose Loeb Student Center. Concessions will be available.

October 23-26: Battleship Tournament.
Sign-up by emailing engage@lfcc.edu.

November 17: Laser Tag (off-site).
Sign-up by emailing engage@lfcc.edu. Only 13 spots available, so sign up now! Waivers will be required.

Get engaged…Email engage@lfcc.edu today!

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