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Past Virtual Events

1st Place: Rebecca Hoffman (singing Tori Kelly’s “Hallelujah”)

2nd Place: Zoe Fry (singing Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason”)

"Jen - LFCC's bravest employee!" "This is awesome! Way to nail it Zoe!" 
"OMG! THIS IS SOOO GOOD REBECCA!" "Good job embodying the message of the song!" 
"You're all amazing!" "We should do this again!"


LFCC 50th Anniversary Game Show
1st Place: Zoe Fry
2nd Place: Anya Pywtorak
3rd Place: Danny Mihalek, Jr.


Virtual Coffeehouse Open Mic
1st Place: Tyler Rock
2nd Place: Danny Mihalek, Jr. & Anya Pywtorak


1st Ever Virtual Concert featuring Isaac Stroupe

"Beautiful! Very well done." "AMAZING!" 
"You are masterful on the keyboard and a joy to watch! 
Thanks for sharing your talent with us!" 
"I'm so jealous; what a talent and such dedication! 
You are a real pleasure to watch and listen to."



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