Diversity & Inclusion Council (D&I)

The Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) Diversity & Inclusion Council (D&I) will be accepting applications for student membership. LFCC has an unquestionable interest in the success of a diverse and inclusive environment in which our students, faculty and staff learn and work. 

Come and join in the mission to foster an environment of acceptance and appreciation of fundamental differences in ideas, backgrounds, talents, beliefs, ways of living, and perspectives, and the full spectrum of racial, ethnic, cultural, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, and gender identities. 

This opportunity will allow students to put in action their aspiration to help build upon a college culture that reflects and fosters appreciation of all differences and creates an environment of respect, engagement, and involvement. Each campus, Fauquier and Middletown will select a Student Member of the D&I Council, and as a student member, you will:

    • Serve a one-year term,
    • Engage in monthly meetings, either in-person or virtually,
    • Deliberate and vote with other Council members on new and ongoing diversity initiatives, and
    • Engage with subcommittees to develop and promote Education and Awareness, build Membership, or analyze and interpret Data Collection.

Application Information and Instructions

  • Applications are due by Monday May 3rd @4pm
  • All questions on the application must be answered and submitted on or before the deadline to be considered for membership.
  • Additional details are available on the student membership application or by contacting the D&I Council Membership Subcommittee Member Kerry Kilpatrick at [email protected] .
  • Please use this link to complete the student membership application – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rFYMYn9jvR4PICyrJjw8sGpoEr9euM0namdhUWVQro/edit


Thank You for Your Interest!

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