Student Development Courses (SDV)

Student development classes provide the best opportunity to smoothly transition students from high school or the working world back into the college environment.

Student Learning Outcomes

Specific student learning outcomes for the course have been established and agreed upon by the teaching leadership team. For SDV courses, the outcomes are:

  1. Identify and enhance effective learning skills as they relate to note-taking, study skills, and test-taking habits.
  2. Comprehend the path for success at LFCC, as it relates to computer technology, academic planning, and college resources specific to and separate from selected disciplines.
  3. Engage in a process of career exploration and planning, addressing issues such as professionalism, ethical concerns, occupation-specific etiquette and professional involvement and leadership.
  4. Apply techniques that are learned to everyday life situations to improve general decision making and life skills.
  5. Analyze the issues with today’s college population in terms of personal health and wellness.
  6. Integrate the information gained in this class with things that are happening in all other learning environments. 

General Education Outcomes

In this course, the following VCCS General Education Outcomes are supported:

1.2 assimilate, organize, develop, and present an idea formally and informally, and

5.2 develop and/or enhance the knowledge, skills, and understanding to make informed academic, social, personal, career, and interpersonal decisions.

Meeting Outcome Expectations

These outcomes are met through the exploration of 10 core content areas for the course. These areas are:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Study Skills
  3. Life Management Skills
  4. Campus Conduct and Expectations
  5. Leadership Principles
  6. Career Preparation 
  7. Health and Wellness
  8. Academic Advising
  9. College Technology
  10. Critical Thinking

SDV courses are designed to be explorative, interactive, and energizing. Faculty and staff are committed to teaching engaging classes and partner with the students to optimize the learning experience.

Contact SDV

Anyone with feedback about their SDV experience is encouraged to share that information with the program coordinator:

Brandy H. Boies
Brandy H. Boies
Director of Marketing and Outreach
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