Other Transfer Considerations

Which Courses Will Transfer?

Each four-year college makes decisions about which courses from Lord Fairfax will transfer individually. Students planning to transfer should contact the transfer counselor at the school they want to attend. Each transfer counselor is listed in the transfer guide. Students transferring out-of-state should research the school online and follow the guidelines for transfer students.

Students planning to transfer should be in an Associate in Arts & Sciences (AA&S) or  Associate in Science (AS) degree curriculum at Lord Fairfax. There are eight:

  • Business Administration
  • Education
  • General Studies
    • Administration of Justice Specialization
  • Liberal Arts
    • Communications Specialization
    • Fine Arts Specialization
    • Philosophy and Religion Specialization
  • Science
    • Agriculture Science Specialization
    • Engineering Specialization
    • Health Professions Specialization

Some Associate in Applied Science degrees transfer under specific agreements, please check these agreements for all needed requirements. Otherwise students should work closely with  advising staff and/or faculty advisors to determine which courses in the Associate in Applied Science degrees will transfer.

Should I Get The Entire Associate Degree Or Just Transfer Some Credits?

Having an associate’s degree will usually make a student more competitive for admission and the guaranteed admissions agreements require completion of the entire degree. Some schools only transfer specific courses but each school will have different requirements such as completion of a minimum number of credits, completion of specific courses, specific grade point average (GPA) or completion of core content/general education equivalences. Check with each school to determine the requirements.

*Guaranteed admission agreements are very specific in nature and have detailed requirements that vary by school. 

Which Courses Should I Take?

English: Most transfer students will need to take ENG 111 and 112, College Composition I and II.

Math: Math, science, and business administration students will need to take MTH 163, pre-calculus and higher math courses, while liberal arts and general studies majors can take MTH 151-152, Math for the Liberal Arts or higher math.

* Developmental courses may be required before taking English and math.

Humanities and Social Science Electives: Most colleges require credits in humanities and social science. Transferable humanities electives usually include art history, music, philosophy, religion and foreign languages. Transferable social science electives usually include sociology, psychology, history, political science, economics and geography. Students should check with the college to which they plan to transfer for specific course requirements for their degrees.

Are There Limits On The Number Of Credits That May Be Transferred?

All colleges limit the number of credits they will accept for transfer and many allow up to half of the total hours required for graduation. For example, if 120 hours are required for a bachelor’s degree, the college may accept up to 60 hours in transfer. Students will need to verify the maximum number of transfer credits allowed for each college.

What About Grades?

A grade of “C” or better is normally required for a course to be transferred. Students need to check with each college to verify grade requirements.

When Should I Apply?

Most four-year colleges have very early deadlines for application. Some schools accept fall transfer students only while others accept fall, spring, and sometimes summer transfers. Check the application deadline and apply in advance of that date.

Can I Meet College Representatives On Campus At LFCC?

Student Services sponsors transfer programs each fall and spring semester and invites representatives from many colleges to come on campus to talk to transfer students. Watch the plasma screens, student email, LFCC Counseling and Advising Events Facebook page and the student lounge areas for information on these visits.

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