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Due to the Novel Coronavirus, the F1 application cycle at Lord Fairfax Community College has been disrupted. Application confirmations may be delayed. We appreciate your patience as we work with Homeland Security and SEVIS to consider your application. We are doing our best to extend to you the quickest possible upcoming term.


Lisa Currie
Lisa Currie
ESL and International Student Advisor
(540) 868-7120
(540) 868-7096
Appointments are encouraged.

Students in the United States on certain temporary visas may be denied admission or restricted to part-time study that is vocational or recreational, and does not lead to a professional or educational objective. Students in restricted visa categories must provide proper documentation to the Admissions and Records Office prior to registering for classes.

If you are planning to attend Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) in F1 status, in addition to applying for admission, you must complete an  F1 Student Application.

If you are a current F1 student at another school (high school, college or university) within the USA and would like to transfer to Lord Fairfax Community College, you must complete the F1 student application and provide all requested documentation. And, you must complete the transfer in form with the application.

Please note that:

  • You must be a full-time (enrolled in at least 12 credits) student.
  • You must be formally admitted to a transfer degree program.
  • Students who entered the U.S. to study at another college, university or language school must successfully complete at least one term satisfactorily at that institution and meet transfer requirements as mandated by USCIS.


Application Deadlines for International Students

Deadline dates for international students to apply at LFCC during the 2012-13 academic year
Semester Overseas Students Transfer Students


June 15

July 15


October 1

November 1


March 15

April 1


Resources for International Students

Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in LFCC and best wishes. For more information, contact the LFCC Advising office, Academic Advisor/DSO Lisa Currie, [email protected] at:

Lord Fairfax Community College
Middletown Campus
173 Skirmisher Lane
Middletown, VA 22645-1745

Phone: 540-868-7000, ext. 7120
Toll Free: 800 906-5322, ext. 7120


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