Additional Resources / Self-Advocacy

Once you receive an accommodations letter, you may present this letter to your course instructors in order to receive the specified accommodations. This letter officially communicates your accommodation requests to faculty and staff. It is your responsibility to share your need for an accommodation with your instructors. Students are advised to make an appointment with their professors and discuss the content of their accommodations letter. The type of disability you have or the reason for accommodations will not be shared with instructors unless you share the information.

If your professor has questions or concerns with the accommodations letter, refer the professor to the appropriate counselor.

It is recommended you share your accommodation letter with professors as soon as you receive it. Accommodation requests will begin at the point in time you give the letter to your professors; accommodations are not retroactive.

Contact The Office of Accommodations and Disability Services Provider if you are having academic difficulty.

Although the disability services process is designed to identify all relevant accommodations, accommodation letters may be revised during the course of a student’s enrollment due to changes in disability status, disability documentation, or program standards and requirements.


For additional information on disability services in post-secondary education, check the following resources:

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