How to Request Accomodations

Support is available to assist you in becoming a successful college student and LFCC is committed to providing students equal opportunities to pursue their educational goals. To receive protections outlined in Section 504 and ADA, each individual must schedule a meeting with The Office of Accommodations and Disability Services at the campus they plan to attend to discuss their academic needs and request reasonable accommodations.

For prospective students with accessibility questions during the application process, including VPT placement testing, application procedures, or new student registration processes, please contact the The Office of Accommodations and Disability Services at the campus you plan to attend prior to your intended visit.

At LFCC, we work hard to focus on the student first, and in keeping with this perspective, all new students to LFCC participate in the New Student Registration process.


Step 1: Sign up for New Student Orientation Session


Step 2: Meet with advisor (info given at Orientation) to register for classes


Step 3: Fill out the Application for Services  and obtain needed documentation


Step 4: Contact Counseling and Advising on your campus to schedule an disability intake session

  • the Middletown Campus & Luray-Page County Center with Disability Services, at 540-869-0758 or e-mail or
  • at the Fauquier Campus & Vint Hill with Student Services, at 540-351-1505 or e-mail [email protected]

Step 5: Attend intake appointment. Bring application and documentation. Counselor will determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations.

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